Friday, March 27, 2015

What did you do today?

Today I helped twenty girls with their self esteem and envision a world where no one is worried about the way they look.  Free to Be Me is a great WAGGS program for girls ages 7 to 14.

I adore these girls.  Yesterday the 4th grade had a big exhibition of projects and I felt like a super star - hugs, calling of my name from all corners.  One teacher, who I don't know, actually asked who I was, because ALL the girls seemed to know me.  I made a point of going to almost everyone's presentation.  I am going to miss these girls, four in particular who I have had in my Girl Scout troop for three years.
Tomorrow I am going to spend the afternoon with them again, 2nd Annual Powder Puff Derby!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

change of plans

I had big plans for the week - a 5 page paper about The Crusades, music lessons, and other fun stuff.  Instead I got a kid with the flu and two trips to make to school.  So in an effort to make the best of the 'wasted' week - I have been going gangbusters on the quilt.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I know what I like to do with my time

Today, I spent some time ripping apart this quilt top that never measured quite right. Tomorrow sewing it back together again with the help of a ruler is on the agenda.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the best chicken ever

I mentioned my chicken turned bad episode of the other day…but last night was a different kind of cooking day and I again made the best roast chicken ever.

Here is my secret made up recipe.  Plop a few tablespoons of apricot jam style stuff in a bowl, add about the same of grainy mustard.  A little salt and pepper.  Coat the chicken liberally.  I use bone in chicken breast, because who eats dark meat or drum sticks?  I mean, who in my house does?  No one, that's who.  So chicken breast it is.

450 F for 30 minutes, 350 F 30 more minutes.  Your neighbors may knock on the door to ask what is for dinner.

The glaze caramelizes a touch make it divine and the best chicken ever.

Monday, March 16, 2015

the glam expat spouse life

My son's online tutor thinks I go to cocktail parties every night.  She is hilarious.

Today I started my day by trying to get one kid's yellow card filled out.  That is no longer a thing at my warm and fuzzy post.  So I left fuming.

Meeting with CLO.  My favorite CLO so my blood pressure dropped a bit.

Gym, boring and my foot hurts again.

I know, cooking dinner will make me feel productive, right?  Turns out the chicken went WAY bad despite the date on the package.  So as of right now, we are having broccoli for dinner.

Then the ever high drama Girl Scout t-shirts had their first hiccup of the season.  Our design was rejected because of 'the rules' - I wish I had a set of all these rules since I am a big time ruler follower.  Back to the drawing board for my in house graphic designer.

Tonight - cocktail party?  No, knit night which is even better than a cocktail party.  Maybe we can play the new TH drinking game I made up today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

113 days

I would have had more to show if not for the little insomniac in the upper right corner.  Fyokla, the non sleeping puppy came to stay for the long weekend.

The sew along with Eve is going.  I started the dress but got hung up a bit on the interfacing part in step one.  So I did what I always do and skipped ahead to all other parts of the dress I could sew together.  I need to find about 20 minutes when I am not tired to try and tackle the not that clear interfacing instructions.

And the blanket went away.  The blanket, I bought all this lovely wool - cashmere yarn for at Wool Spinning City so long ago in Beijing.  It just didn't turn out.  I even tried to felt it but no luck.  So I chucked it.  Sad but that's life.

Things are rolling along as far as the move goes.  Last night we snuck the giant labrador and his crate down to the mailroom and were slightly horrified to discover he has gained about 12 lbs during our three years in Moscow.  Hello cargo shipping charges.  Anyway, today the final ball should get rolling on securing our plane tickets.  Book early people is my advice on that subject.  If you have pets, the day your TM4 comes in.  For real.

Up next - neighborhood yard sale - where I hope to unload more stuff/crap/things

Saturday, March 7, 2015

117 more days to go

With a little over 3 months to go at post the crafting like a mad woman continues.  Felt needle cases - check.  Sew along with Eve - started.  This afternoon, the coat closet, knitting and perhaps a nap.  It is a 3 days weekend which usually equal naps in our house.

In other super exciting pre departure news - housing questionnaire done and sent to our onward post AND tickets booked.  Travel awaits the size and shapes of our dog and cat then we will be official.  Hurray!